Here's the cleaned-up, PDF version of the method I posted.

It'll get you to end bad habits and start up on new good ones.

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Not sure if it's worth the read? Here are some comments it got when I posted it to Reddit...

Why do you use Telegram to send the PDF?Telegram provides for me an ideal way to transfer a PDF file directly to you.I use Telegram since, unlike WhatsApp and Messenger, it's not owned by Facebook. Your privacy is ensured while your data is kept from advertisers.
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There's a book?No, not yet... but I'm working on it :)My goal is to self-publish a full book, expanding on the ideas of the Habit Reframe Method.If you want me to keep you posted (and receive sweet a discount coupon), drop your email in the form below.If you have any questions or concerns, shoot me a message.- Simon ㋛

About Habit ReframeChance are you struggle needlessly with self-control and a lack of motivation. The Habit Reframe empowers you to stop procrastinating while unlocking your drive to stay consistent with good habits. The result: a productive, happy and fulfilling life.The Habit Reframe brand was founded by Simon D. in 2020. It's publications and programs include:
- The Habit Reframe Method, a free ebook.
- Self-improvement articles on Reddit.
- The Group Accountability Program on Discord.
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Why Telegram? I don't have that app.
→ I'm actually here for something else.

→ I don't use any of those, please email it to me.→ I'm actually here for something else.

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